Board of Directors

Tehachapi Mountain Trails Assn's board members are volunteers, dedicated to the success of our organization.

Brandon Griffiths - President, Dan Dunn - Vice President,

Aimee Hanson - Treasurer, Steve Hanson - Secretary.

Brandon Griffiths


Email: President@TehachapiTrails.Com 


As a longtime active member of TMTA (since 2008), I am passionate about improving bike riding and hiking opportunities in the Tehachapi area.  My interests include mountain biking, dirt bike riding, horse riding, hiking, and geology.  I am a family man with a love for the outdoors and enjoying time with good friends.  As a resident of Tehachapi since 2004, I’m excited to see all of the positive change and growth in the local biking community and I hope to add to that positivity and growth as president of TMTA.  “Before you complain…have you volunteered yet?”



Dan Dunn

Vice President



I moved to Tehachapi with my wife and two kids from the LA area 20 years ago. Before that I grew up in the Antelope Valley area and graduated from AVHS.

I’ve been involved with the local cycling community since I arrived here in 1997 and a TMTA member since 2009. For the past few years I’ve been a coach with the local Middle/High School Warrior’s Mountain Bike Team which continues to grow every year with some of the best kids on earth.


With my 40+ years in Graphic Design, I’ve had the opportunity to support the mtn bike team, TMTA and other events that promote the outdoor activities available here in the Tehachapi Valley.
It’s been exciting to watch how much the cycling community has grown in the past few years and to be a part of that, has been a privilege. 


Aimee Hansen




Aimee is the current treasurer of TMTA, which is no small task. She's been doing a great job keeping our finances straight for the past few years. When she's not Jeeping with her husband Steve, you'll occasionally see her riding her mountain bike in Tehachapi and many other locations. She's always looking for the next best place to ride, hike, offroad or camp. She's typically the "go to girl" on many of our committees and keeps us on task in many ways.



Steve Hansen




Steve is the past president and current secretary of TMTA. He's an avid mountain biker, frequently leading several weekly rides in Tehachapi and Edwards AFB. When Steve's not riding with friends, he's typically off-roading with his wife Aimee.



Mike McCool

Trail Crew Leader



Mike McCool is our chief trail designer and maintainer. He has earned the nickname "Digger" for a good reason. He's been responsible for quite a few of the trails that have been added to the TMTA/Lehigh system for the past several years. When you don't see him with a pick or shovel in his hands, he's out there shredding his creations. Next time you see Mike, shake his hand and tell him thanks for all of his hard work.


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