Board of Directors

Tehachapi Mountain Trails Assn's board members are volunteers, dedicated to the success of our organization.

Brandon Griffiths - President, Vice President - Hunter Lane,

Rick Flores - Secretary, Trail Crew Leader - Mike McCool, Director of Social Media - Tracy Jones, Dan Dunn - Graphic Design Artist

Brandon Griffiths


Email: President@TehachapiTrails.Com 


As a longtime active member of TMTA (since 2008), I am passionate about improving bike riding and hiking opportunities in the Tehachapi area.  My interests include mountain biking, dirt bike riding, horse riding, hiking, and geology.  I am a family man with a love for the outdoors and enjoying time with good friends.  As a resident of Tehachapi since 2004, I’m excited to see all of the positive change and growth in the local biking community and I hope to add to that positivity and growth as president of TMTA.  “Before you complain…have you volunteered yet?”



Dan Dunn

Graphic Design Artist


I moved to Tehachapi with my wife and two kids from the LA area 20 years ago. Before that, I grew up in the Antelope Valley area and graduated from AVHS.

I’ve been involved with the local cycling community since I arrived here in 1997 and a TMTA member since 2009. For the past few years, I’ve been a coach with the local Middle/High School Warrior’s Mountain Bike Team which continues to grow every year with some of the best kids on earth.


With my 40+ years in Graphic Design, I’ve had the opportunity to support the mtn bike team, TMTA, and other events that promote the outdoor activities available here in the Tehachapi Valley.
It’s been exciting to watch how much the cycling community has grown in the past few years and to be a part of that, has been a privilege. 


Rick Flores




Rick Flores –  retired aerospace engineer, Tehachapi resident since 2013, married 41 years, two daughters, two granddaughters.  Always enjoyed two-wheeled sports.  Purchased first street bike at 16 followed by a dirtbike at 20.  Got into motocross in the 80s, desert racing in the 90s, and continued in the sport for the next 20 years, 200+ races.  Looking for a slightly safer hobby to get into, an interest in mountain biking had developed.  In 2016 I made the decision to trade dirt bikes for mountain bikes and have been satisfied with that decision ever since.  My first bike was a 2017 Trek Fuel EX-8 followed by a 2019 Pivot Mach 5.5.  I find some things I want to do on a mountain bike to be incredibly difficult but that challenge helps to keep me motivated.  I look at mountain biking to be similar to the game of chess in which many aspects of the bike and rider has to be calculated to successfully complete the move.   I also find the sport of mountain biking to be tranquil and calm and combined with the challenge, creates the attraction.  I try to ride Lehigh two to three times a week and that frequency of riding in reference to life creates a happy medium.  You won’t notice me flying up and blasting down the hills of Lehigh but you might see me out there.  Be safe.  Rick



Mike McCool

Trail Crew Leader



Mike McCool is our chief trail designer and maintainer. He has earned the nickname "Digger" for a good reason. He's been responsible for quite a few of the trails that have been added to the TMTA/Lehigh system for the past several years. When you don't see him with a pick or shovel in his hands, he's out there shredding his creations. Next time you see Mike, shake his hand and tell him thanks for all of his hard work.


Tracy Jones

Social Media Coordinator



I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve TMTA as Social Media Coordinator. ... I grew up riding ponies and working at a pony ride from age 9. The day after graduating high school I starting my career in horse racing. Worked as an exercise rider, assistant trainer, groom, and foreman. Additionally, held a second job in public relations at the track. ... I got into mountain biking in 2016 and fell in love with the sport and the friendships I gained. Began racing XC, and Enduro and made even more wonderful friends. This year was special as I volunteered to help coach

the NICA - Tehachapi Mountain Bike Team and I will do so for years to come. ... In 2018 I started the Kern County Chapter of Girlz Gone Riding, a women's mountain biking group that encourages more women to ride. There are 7 chapters now with over 1,000 members.  GGR creates events (before Covid), which include our annual Big Bear Weekend and monthly group rides divided into skill levels (beginner to advanced). ...If I'm not on the trails, I enjoy being a mom to my 13 yr old son, music, concerts, music festivals (usually see me in the pit and crowd surfing), sports, including, college basketball, football, baseball, hockey, cycling, golf, etc ...  Be happy, be yourself, and be healthy... See you on the trails!! 


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