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A group for those into mountain biking and hiking focuses on creating and preserving non-motorized trails in the greater Tehachapi area.
We have teamed up with new owner Tehachapi Cement, LLC (Unacem) to provide exceptional trails for mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and walking dogs. 
Tehachapi Mountain Trails Map
Tehachapi Mountain Trails Updated Map
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TMTA Brochure
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TMTA Brochure
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If you see the orange "Whiskers"  on a trail  it is a caution sign. Drop or gap jump. 

Tehachapi Mountain Trails 

  • TMTA membership is required for trail access due to insurance needs.
  • Annual Individual/Family Membership is $35 a year.
    Please visit Facebook/Tehachapi Mountain Trails Assoc for membership information.
  • Hiking and Biking Allowed On Marked Trails Only!
  • The Restricted Area on this Map involves Tehachapi Cement, LLC (Unacem) Quarry activities. These involve
    the use of heavy equipment and the quarry areas are dangerous. 
    For your safety and to avoid arrest for trespassing. Please, Stay Out!
  • Non-motorized vehicle access only.
  • If you’re on a bike, Helmets are required.
  • Be respectful of the trails and to other trail users.

                                    Be safe, have fun and enjoy

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